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Updated: Nov 12, 2020

While recently working with a real estate agent on a blog post as part of their content marketing strategy, the question came up regarding choosing the best title for the blog post - and their blog posts in general.

In addition to attracting the desired audience, it's important for SEO that your blog post titles are relevant to the content it contains. For this reason, you should always consider what the main purpose of the blog post is about and make sure it's included in the title. 

In the real estate agent's case, their blog post was about "Home Repairs" in regards to "Home Buying" and "Home Inspections" and what repairs you can and can't ask for.

You can of course get advanced and use Google's Keyword Tool for research, but there's also an easier way: Google Search.

Finding Blog Title Ideas with Google Search

To get an idea of the type of info people search for in relation to a topic, begin by typing the keywords of your post into the Google search bar (See video example below). Google will begin to autofill the search with some of the most popular searches related to those keywords. For example, these are two related search suggestions that came up related to home repairs:

  • home buyer request for repairs

  • home repairs after inspection

With some of this info in-hand you could consider blog post titles with a few approaches: 

  • Know Which Home Repairs to Request After Inspection (Informative)

  • Understanding Repair Requests For Home Buyers (More targeted to Agents)

  • Buyers Should Never Request These Home Repairs (Negative)

  • A Home Buyer's Guide to Repair Requests Before Closing (Definitive)

These blog title ideas include the relevant keywords for Google to index and show in search results. It's also important that you include some of these same keywords within the actual blog content to shore up the relevance to the blog title. Of course, don't overdo things and get dinged for "keyword stuffing" but, thoughtfully placed keywords as part of well constructed sentences will go a long way toward crafting blog post titles that are helpful, relevant and SEO-friendly. -J

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