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Frequently asked questions

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What exactly is Facebook Advertising?

Any individual or business can post on Facebook for free but, Facebook Advertising involves placing paid messages on the platform that allow you to target a specific demographic you want to see your message. While there are a variety of choices in the types of advertisements you can choose, Facebook advertising offers one of the most cost-effective methods of reaching your audience available. 

How many leads can I get from Facebook Advertising?

Any company that offers a guaranteed number of leads with Facebook advertising should be taken with a grain of salt. One business may need a single lead-turned-customer for a return on their investment while another may need five customers. Each advertising campaign Pyrpaw Marketing creates is designed specifically with the businesses specific goals in mind and optimized to have the best chance at success. We've had successful campaigns that captured several leads and others that captured hundreds!

How much does Facebook Advertising cost?

A Facebook ad campaign can run for as little as $1 per day! However, the cost associated with an ad campaign will vary based on budget, goals and timeframe. We suggest getting in touch with us to discuss your needs in more detail.